Café Wohlleben

Café Wohlleben – The best cakes in town

Perfect for: Coffee & Cakes

Since the 30th September 2017 the  Café Wohlleben is closed

Even though the location isn’t central, it’s worth to make your way to the north of the city, when you craving really good cakes and coffee in a nostalgic flair. The interior is a nice mix of modern elements and granny’s sewing room. Old-fashioned photographs are framed on grey walls next to wall cabinets of glass. The furniture is randomly thrown together on purpose and is originated in every design era. Vintage chic – with a modern twist.

Even though the affectionate decorated Location is quite cute, the real reason to show up at this place is the cake. Gateau, Eclairs, Tartelettes, Cheescake …the choise from only homemmade sweet treats is massive. Besids german classics like “Kalter Hund”, they have modern own creations like Snickers Cake and the hipster-essential vegan options aren’t missing either. They all are incredible good in taste.

The fair trade coffee goes perfectly with the cake. The Roasting was mentioned in the German gourmet magazine Feinschmckerand they serve it in reasonable sizes. 4 € for a café late may sound a lot but it comes in a cup that makes the heart of every coffee-junkie beat faster. Next to this the serve homemade lemonades and a variation of tees. The very popular breakfast is also large and varied, fresh and comes with homage spreads. It definitely necessary to bool a table for Brunch at the weekends, because the place is always packed for those times. Café Wohlleben is the perfect place whenever your inner sweet tooth is calling for mouthwatering high-class patisserie art in a vintage atmosphere.


Café Wohlleben
Löbleinstraße 60
90409 Nürnberg


Mo closed
Tu – Fr 9.00 am – 6.00 pm
Sa – Su 10.00 am – 7.00 pm

How much:

Caffe latte 4 €
Cake arround 3 €
Lemonade 2,70 €

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