The Kuhmuhne – A Burger-bar divides the city

Perfect for: Burger, Beer and to line your stomach before going out

Opinions about the burger restaurant in the city are deeply divided. They range between super tasty burger in a stylish atmosphere and run-of-the-mill food in a wannabee hipster place. It was about time for us to get our own impression!

The trendy styled restaurant attracts young cosmopolitans, which reflects in the crowd. We also like the big tables, crafted from untreated wood and looking very industrial chic. Uncovered vintage Edison light bulbs hang from the ceiling, the walls are covered in a grey marble designed and the [poufs are/décor is] upholstered with cowhide. From our spot at the bar we have the best view into the open kitchen and can watch the Burgeristas preparing our dinner.

The menu doesn’t afford any surprises. The usual suspects, like classic cheese and bacon burger, are of course present. Besides that, the offering includes two vegetarian options and a luxury version with truffle. Additionally they offer a weekly special to keep the regulars happy. The sweet potato fries are outstanding highlight of the menu are and were strongly recommended to us by friends (with good reason). Beverage wise they offer an interesting range of imported craft beers, but also the Franconian trend beer Grüner.

The star of the night was definitely the meat. Juicy and on-point-grilled. The homemade sauces go really well with the meat and make the burger experience round. The highly acclaimed sweet potato fries arrive with delay, but keep up to the promise. The portions weren’t massive, so we were full without being in a food coma when we left the burger bar.

The Kuhmuhne is a cool place for tasty burgers, people spotting and to line your stomach before visiting the bars in the city center.


Kuhmuhne – Die Burgerbar
Weintraubengasse 2
90403 Nürnberg


Mo.- Su. noon until 10 pm

How much:

burger from 7,40 €
sweetpotato fries: 4,20 €
homemade lemonade:  3,50 €

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