BMF Bar – High art of bartending in unique architecture

Perfect for: Sophisticated Drinks and amazing Bloody Mary

BMF stands for Bayerische Metallwarenfabrik (Bavarian metal goods factory). You find the bar in the former entrance of the ancient factory. And that’s also the reason for its special architecture. While the walls seem to stretch endlessly against the sky, the place is only 4 meters wide. The windows go up all the way until the celling and the factory charm gives the room a stylish industrial-loft-chic.

But the unique architecture is not the only reason why you should make your way to Johanis. It’s the menu which makes every liquor gourmet’s heart skip a beat. Various choices of whiskeys, rums and over 40 different sorts of gin. Besides that BMF offers numberless cocktails –both classics and their own compositions. You won’t find a happy hour or sweet juice-mixes. And it’s one of the few places in Nuremberg where you can order champagne by glass.

The service is premium – which can be hard to find in grumpy Franconia. And these guys know what they’re doing. Even when the place is packed, they will find time to recommend the perfect gin, tell you tales about the ancient factory or explain the differing aromas and flavors of the cocktails.

This is the perfect place for all gin lovers and cocktail-connoisseurs who like to explore new tastes in a sophisticated atmosphere. Our Tip: Under the section “Hangover Drinks”, you find the best Bloody Mary in town.


BMF Barbetrieb
Wiesentalstraße 34
90419 Nürnberg


Tu.- Sa. from 8 pm

How much:

Highballs from 7 €
Bloody Mary from 9 €

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