Zeit & Raum – The living room of the old town

Perfect for: Breakfast, Alsatian flambés & friends

Open 365 days a year from brekky-time until a nightcap and set in a perfect location close to the Pegnitz River, the popular Zeit & Raum in Nurnberg’s old town has been an institution in the city for ages.

For breakfast you can choose from some tasty new interpretations of the typical uninspiring sausage, cheese, spread- combinations. The Eurasian brunch is extremely popular amoung townies. Every Sunday and Holiday between 9 am and 2 pm they open the so-called PUNK CUISINE Buffet.

The restaurant serves fine French cuisine. Including tasty Alsatian flambés which make the perfect afternoon snack together with a spritz. Next to that, you find a weekly changing menu. If you have a bit more time and some friends with you, consider ordering a fondue. Choose between three options (meat, cheese or chocolate).

The Team calls the bar menu ”frankophil“. Starring French wines and cider and also a “French cocktail of the Week” and sophisticated re-creations of the classic spritz. One of our favourites for a hangover breakfast is the Zeiti refresher. A Detox Water, which is filled with fresh lime, lemon, mint ginger or cucumber.

Not only is the menu divided into three. So is the interior. When you enter the glass door of the restaurant you stand in a classic bistro. Modern furniture and lovely decorations in natural hues with green contrast, big tables and a lot of light coming through the windows. The change of scenery is waiting for you at the end of the room.  The lights get lower, the tables more cozy and the rooms smaller. Moroccan style tiles and singing bowls on the walls, comfy cushions, little Buddas and books all over the shelves. An atmosphere which calls for relaxing and forgetting about the cold spring winds in Nuremberg. The narrow alleys lead to the third atmosphere –  the complete opposite. An urban Cellar building with big tables, clean lines, simple decoration and no distractions. Clearly everyone can find their favourite area here and you won’t get bored easily.


Zeit & Raum
Wespennest 2
90403 Nürnberg


Mo.- Fr. ab 5 pm
Sa.- Su. ab 9 am

How much:

Zeiti Refresher: from 5,20 €
Cidre: 3,30 €
Alsatian flambés: from 5,20 €

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