Da Gallo – Antipasti, Pasta and Vino in the heart of NurembergDa Gallo – Antipasti, Pasta and Vino in the heart of NurembergDa Gallo – Antipasti, Pasta and Vino in the heart of Nuremberg

Da Gallo – Antipasti, Pasta and Vino in the heart of Nuremberg

Perfect for: a culinary evening with friends

Sometimes you don’t need much. A glass of nice wine, some good friends and a choice of delicious antipasti make for a perfect cosy night with friends. The cute Antipasteria da Gallo in the Radbrunnengasse is just made for nights like this.

The Antipasteria Da Gallo is a super small and homey restaurant located in the heart of Nuremberg. Typically Italian-style, the charismatic chef welcomes you with a “Ciao, Bella”. Then he suggests some antipasto choices and puts some wine on the table. Authentic, uncomplicated and quite laid-back. Shortly after that, we have plates of fresh Bruschetta, tender Vitello tonnato and other Italian delights on the table and everyone can get involved. The accompanying wine is not too sophisticated but it is tasty.

Pasta in all variations really is outstanding good. Besides the classics like Pasta Arrabiata, there are always new exciting creations with asparagus, porcini or steak and all are authentic Italian. Another highlight in the menu, next to the Pasta is the Antipasti platter and the Carpaccio Pulpo – both an extraordinary experience for your taste buds. On top of the standard menu, there are daily choices on a chalkboard to choose from and the choice is so various that you won’t miss Pizza for a second.

The Da Gallo is not too big, and the charming atmosphere is really informal & chilled. Just the right mix: Not too rustic, but still cosy and laid back – completely unchic –and that’s why it’s so good. The big tables offer enough space for you and all your friends. You sit on cute floret cushions and the walls are covered with kitsch monochrome pictures of pasta eating celebs. In summer there a few seats to enjoy your Spritz or Wine outside

Tip: Wednesday is Antipasti Day. All antipasti is one Euro off


Antipasteria da Gallo
Radbrunnengasse 2
90403 Nürnberg


Mo.- Sa. 5.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Su. closed

How much:

Pasta variations from 9,00 €
Antipasti from 6,00 €
Aperol Spritz from 5,50 €

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