Deins & Meins – The café in JohannisDeins & Meins – The café in JohannisDeins & Meins – The café in Johannis

Deins & Meins – The café in Johannis

Perfect for: Brunch with the Ladies

Petra didn’t come home last night? Susanne’s’ new designer purse is fake? Linda is pregnant, but Paul is not the father…? The best way to discuss the real important questions of life, is with a glass prosecco at the ladies brunch. When you look for a new location to eat, drink and chat with your besties, you should check out the Deins & Meins in the Deutschherrnstrasse.

Deins & Meins is a café with a little shop included, which combines great taste and good ambience. Besides breakfast, lunch and cakes they also sell small products from little manufacture and stylish home accessories. Brunch, gossiping and shopping? Do you need anything else for a great Sunday morning?

The rough plastered grey walls, the romantic shabby chic styled interior and the stylish, but comfy furniture is the perfect background for your brunch queens’ show-down. The breakfast is served in style on an étagère and you can choose between meat, cheese and vegan options. Moreover, they have fluffy pancakes or homemade granola with milk, yoghurt or fruits for self-mixing. The menu is not really long, because almost everything is homemade by the owner Simone Kraußer. The things she buys are all from regional producers. What really made the cut for us, is the delicious artisan bread, which comes from ‚Hildes Backwut‘ and is so soft that we would love to use it as a pillow. The good quality of the food makes up for the fact that the portions are rather small.

On top there are different packages for birthday breakfast or high tea. Now with spring around the corner, you can also get a filled pick-nick basket for a trip to the Pegnitzgrund near by.


Deins & Meins
Deutschherrnstraße 27
90429 Nürnberg


Tu.-So. 9.00 am– 3.00 pm

How much:

Breakfast: 9,90 €
Cappuccino: 2,90 €
Sandwiches: 4,50 €

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