Green Lion – Clean Eating at Laufer PlatzGreen Lion – Clean Eating at Laufer PlatzGreen Lion – Clean Eating at Laufer Platz

Green Lion – Clean Eating at Laufer Platz

Perfect for: Your Bikini-Body

The days are getting longer and the first warm rays of sun are kissing our noses – Finally: spring has sprung. And with the temperatures getting warmer, we are painfully getting aware of the fact, that the next vaycay or pool party is not too far away anymore. And our bikini bodies didn’t recover from Christmas Holiday yet.

In case you are also highly motivated to get back in shape, or if a healthy and lean diet is part of your lifestyle anyways, you should check out the Green Lion at the Äußere Laufer Platz. The Fitness Food House serves healthy ‚Fast-Food’ without fattening bad boys like granulated sugar, preservatives, flavour enhancers or white flour. That’s clean eating with fresh regional products and many options for vegans, low-carber and gluten-avoider. They serve breakfast, sandwiches, burger, vegan bowls, zoodles with tofu, different salads and more.

As a beverage, you can choose between low carb beer, wheatgrass juice, or fresh smoothies. The smoothie „50 Shades of green“ is made of a lot of kale and wheatgrass and –thank god- doesn’t taste as green as it looks. It not only makes you skinnier, prettier and smarter but it is also quite filling.

The business owners Christine and Corina are two real power women and jocks. They are quite often in the restaurant and always happy to give you many valuable tips around nutrition, sports and well-being. If you need more information there are also cooking and backing classes in the restaurant. Another great thing is that they have detailed nutrition information plus the calorie amount for every meal. Which makes meal planning really easy.

Now you really have no excuses AT ALL to not start your summer body program right away.


Green Lion
Äußerer Laufer Platz 9
90403 Nürnberg


Mo.- Fr. 10.00 am – 9.30 pm
Sa. 10.00 am – 21.00 pm

How much:

Vegan Bowl: 7,60 €
Quinoa-rice burger & sweet potato fries: 11,90 €
Smoothie: 4 €

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