Kochwerkstatt at the Metro – Shopping combined with fun

Kochwerkstatt at the Metro – Shopping combined with fun

Perfect for: a slight detour after your big grocery shopping

Good food in the Metro? The wholesale market? At the airport?

YES! The Metro has a new concept restaurant! It’s called ‘Kochwerkstatt‘. They serve great delicious food for good value, which is fantastically arranged.

Steakburger with sweet potato fires, rump steak with veggies or schäuferle. The cuisine is international or Franconian and in any case really on top.

The drinks are served in a cool ‚drinking bag‘ with a straw. Which not only feels like your last trip to Thailand, but also fits perfectly in a fast-paced hipster lifestyle

The dishes, platters and tablets are super pretty. In case you need some new stylish kitchenware, you can conveniently buy them straight there.


Metro Nürnberg Buch
Kochwerkstatt behind the liquors
Bucher Hauptstraße 40
90427 Nürnberg


Mo.- Fr. 07.00 am – 10.00 pm
Sa. 07.00 am – 10.00 pm

How much:

Beer: 2,60 €
Cordon Bleu with potato salad: 9,50 €
Big salad with goat cheese: 7,80 €

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