Maulbeere – a little place for a short breakMaulbeere – a little place for a short breakMaulbeere – a little place for a short break

Maulbeere – a little place for a short break

Perfect for: a small break

A good coffee and a yummy piece of cake. How often we wish for just that, any time… Wednesdays morning at half past nine or also Saturday afternoon. For sure, there are many places in Nuremberg, that tries to fulfill this need. But only few succeed in doing so.

The “Maulbeere” – is the new coffee place from Steffen and Melanie Stummhöfer, who did run the beautiful “La Violetta”. Once again they succeed in creating a small sweet place for a coffee break.

The concept of the “Maulbeere” is also very special but totally different as “La Violetta” and not only because of the different size. At the “Maulbeere” you can sit around the high tables or at two cozy seats on the window sill, where you can enjoy your coffee and piece of cake.

The interior is super cozy and colourful. You can also shop some cute little thing like postcards or stylish cereal bowls, while you enjoy a delicious cappuccino.

The cakes, that are placed in a glass cabinet next to the counter, are a little dream. There are classic cakes, like cheesecake and chocolate cake but also vegan nut cakes and several fruitcakes. All of them are home-baked and super yummy! Like cakes from granny. In the morning they also offer some eggs, quiche and croissants for breakfast.

Furthermore, there is another reason to step by the Maulbeere in summer. They sell tempting, and lovely ice cream from the franconian ice cream manufacturer Dolomodi-


Die Maulbeere
Winklerstraße 10
90403 Nürnberg


We.- Sa. 09.00 am – 6.00 pm

How much:

Cappuccino: 2,90 €
Cake: from 3,20 €
Ice cram: 1,10 €

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