Guerilla Gröstl – Gourmet GustoGuerilla Gröstl – Gourmet Gusto

Guerilla Gröstl – Gourmet Gusto

Perfect for: a culinary experience in your lunch break

The supply of burgers is huge in Nuremberg and surroundings. Perfect, because we two are always on the hunt for the best burger of the region – and now we found it: The undisputed Franconian Kings of the Burgers are Roland & Helene and their Team of Gurilla Gröstel.

Since 2013 the red and black Food Trucks are rolling through Franconia and supply us with outstanding Burgers, Deep-Fried-Potato-Chips and Cole Slaw according to their motto „ nice to feed you“.

So, why did we fall in love with the Burger of the Grurilla Gröstel Food Truck? Many different components make a really good burger experience: meat, buns, sauces and toppings. No other burger masters that interplay of taste as good as Gurilla Gröstel.

Freshly baked buns every day from a first-class Nuremberg bakery set the framework for the thick, juicy, delicious beef patty. The special something comes with the homemade sauces. All created with ingeniously tasty recipes to give the real kick to the burger without being too dominating and leaving enough room for the beef taste.

With the huge choices, even regulars won’t get bored. Besides classic hamburgers, they have chilli-cheese burger, goat cheese burger with rosemary honey and of course two options for vegetarians. For sides, you can choose between Deep-Fried-Potato-Chips with homemade coriander-lime-crème or BBQ dip. Our recommendation: The Bacon Jam Burger…BACON JAM!!!Anything more to say?

No wonder that the popularity of Guerilla Gröstl’s burger is quite high in the region. But don’t let a big queue at the truck scare you, the always happy crew is quick at roasting burgers.

The only flaw about this tasty burger is that you can’t have it in a restaurant, but have to go where the trucks are. Follow Guerilla Gröstl on facebook to stay up to date with their current tour plan.

How much:

Cheeseburger: 5,90 €

Deep-fried-Potato-Chips: 2,00 €

Coleslaw: 2,20 €

Pictures: S.J. Photography

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