Ill Amore with a lot of love for coffee & styleIll Amore with a lot of love for coffee & styleIll Amore with a lot of love for coffee & style

Ill Amore with a lot of love for coffee & style

Perfect for: Cakes in a super stylish location

We cried crocodile tears when the Café La Violetta closed in June last year. Because we lost one of our favourite coffee places in the city.

Thank god we didn’t need to grieve about it too long. A few weeks later, the Ill Amore opened its doors in the same location. The concept stayed quite similar to the one before: a Café and Deli with Cappuccino, Tea, beverages, sweet and savoury snacks. On the first floor, they have a little shopping area where you can get decoration, candles, books and delicacies. Everything you need for a cozy Sunday afternoon.

On two floors, connected with old wooden stairs, you can enjoy the yummy homemade cakes from the bakery Rittinghausen or soups, stews, salads and sandwiches. Even though the concept and the quality of the cakes are quite similar to the predecessor La Violetta, at least the interior changed. They swiped the Alice-in-Wonderland coffeehouse style of La Violetta for are more modern ambience. Furniture and decoration from different decades are all handpicked from the art historian Nina Albrecht, the Grafik designer Christine Haug und Giancarlo Taulli with a lot of style sense. They created a super stylish location, where you can easily spend your whole  Sunday.


Ill Amore
Obere Wörthstr. 10
90403 Nürnberg


Tu.-Sa. 09.00 am – 08.00 pm
Su. 09.00 am – 5.00 pm


milk coffee: 3,20 €
Aperol spritz: 5,50 €
tuna tramezzino: 3,80 €

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