MOKO – the little Sensation at Weinmarkt tenMOKO – the little Sensation at Weinmarkt tenMOKO – the little Sensation at Weinmarkt tenMOKO – the little Sensation at Weinmarkt tenMOKO – the little Sensation at Weinmarkt ten

MOKO – the little Sensation at Weinmarkt ten

Perfect f0r: A good conversation in a relaxed atmosphere

“Food is a medium, that thoughts could flow better” says Gabriele Hussenether.

Gabriele Hussenether runs the Moko – “Mobile Kochkunst” since 2004 at Weinmarkt 10. But she started already 1998 with cookingclasses. This was a time when there wasn’t a Jamie Oliver or a Tim Mälzer. Now you can join cookingclasses but also enjoy a lunch the “Mobile Kochkunst”, which opens the doors every Saturday from 12:00 – 3:00 pm. You can have culianry delights, do some digital detox and listen to your friends without using the telephone all the time.

“You sit vis-avis, look into each others eyes and perceive the emotions from your company.” says G. Hussenether

Personal talks have other depths than social media content and sometimes it is just the real life. If this is your aim for a lunchdate at Saturday you can’t find a better location in nuernberg.

MOKO is a little bit hidden on the 2st floor and there is no big sign. It has a very cute concept, because you have to ring the bell to get access. You will be seated on a beautiful table. The glasses, the flatware and the plate are very stylish and modern but not completely detached.

You feel that you are in good hands, sit in a beautiful location und you also get a lot of inspirations for your own kitchen and new dishes. The service is always very gentle, professionell and competent.

The menu is not very big, but there are alwalys new treats to discover. They offer 4-6 starters, 2 main dishes and 1 or 2 desserts. Not that much, but enough. Very good is also the fact that you can taste all dishes, and get more if they had not enough. You can also take a look in the saucepans.

You sit in the middle of the kitchen, can take a look to the making of the food and that’s super nice and is very charming. You feel like you sit in your friend’s home, even though you are in a restaurant in the middle of the city and can go for a stroll after 3 pm.

The culinaric range from Gabriele are very special:

“Good Food starts with good ingredients”

The vegetables come from farmer “Heribert Hederer”, the game from local hunters, wild herbs and mushrooms from Mister Arnulf Schultes, milk & Co. from the dairy Molkerei Schrozberg.

What should I say, we are in love and we hope that you will visit the MOKO soon.

There is nothing more important to meet with your lovely people in a beautiful location and just to enjoy the time and talk, listen to each other.


Mobile Kochkunst
Weinmarkt 10
90403 Nürnberg


Sa.  12.00 – 3.00 pm

How much:

Starter from 5 €
Mains from 12 €
Desserts from 4 €

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