Cera una volte – once upon a time…Cera una volte – once upon a time…Cera una volte – once upon a time…

Cera una volte – once upon a time…

Perfect for: Romantic Dates

In the old town of Nurnberg’s Lorenz, the fairytale of the perfect little Italian restaurant with sophisticated cuisine comes true.

One of Nurnberg’s finest Italian restaurants is waiting for you in a cute red plastered, timbered house hidden in a quiet corner of the Johanissgasse. The atmosphere in the tiny restaurant is elegant, but very cozy. White cloth napkins, many candles and a myriad of pictures on the wall. Besides various selfies of the owner and his guest, you find pics of major celebrities like Marlon Brando, Sophia Coppola, Al Pacino….und Robert Geiss. Indeed, THE Geissen Family* are obviously regular guests here. Well, if it’s good enough for Robert, it’s good enough for us.

Star-rated restaurants are usually very proud about their “signature kitchen”. But in this case that term is really applicable. The chef cooks in a distinctive style. There is nothing like a menu card. Mostly there are two or three set meals to choose from (meat and fish). But they’re also happy to handle special requests for vegetarian or pregnant guests. Chef Franco, who learned cooking in Calabria, will consult you about your choice using his gestures the classic Italian style.

It makes complete sense that there is not too much to choose from. They cook whatever they bought at the market that morning. The fresh and handpicked choice of ingredients is worth the effort. So they offer for example tender veal fillet, freshly caught fish or  – my absolute favorite – crayfish with vegetables. Meat, fish or pasta are ingeniously seasoned. Fresh Italian herbs, garlic and truffles support the unique taste of the protagonists without overpowering them. Enjoy a nice glass of wine or water with your meal. Because here, as a matter of principle, they won’t serve you any cola, juices or sweet cocktails with their delicious creations.

Especially pleasant about this restaurant is that even though the cuisine is made for high demands, the atmosphere isn’t bourgeois at all. Rather it is elegant, cozy and laid back. Obviously the Cera una Volte is a restaurant for special occasions and not really made for a low budget. But you still get outstanding, sophisticated Italian food for a very good value. The relaxed and romantic flair is a free extra.

*The Geissen Family is a famous German reality-show family and well-known for their millionaire lifestyle


C’era Una Volta
Johannesgasse 51
90402 Nürnberg


Mo.-Fr.  12.00 – 2.00  & 6.00 – 11.00 pm
Sa. 06.00 – 11.00 pm

How much:

depends on the menu


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