Eis im Glück – Nuremberg in LuckEis im Glück – Nuremberg in LuckEis im Glück – Nuremberg in LuckEis im Glück – Nuremberg in Luck

Eis im Glück – Nuremberg in Luck

Perfect for: Icy treats experiments

Sometimes the luck is so close. Especially when it’s a sunny day and all you need to take your happy mood to the next level is a delicious scope of ice-cream.

You can find your lucky ice-cream at the ‚Eis im Glück‘ at the Friedrich-Ebert-Platz in Johannis and at the Fenitzer Platz in Schoppershof .

In that Ice-Studio, they serve tasty artisan ice-cream. The natural treats are all crafted from mostly regional, high-quality ingredients – without additional flavour enhancer, extra fats or other artificial additives.

Anise-yogurt, basil or argan oil – the variety of ice is infinite. They serve many different creative choices by season. Not so much a sweet tooth? Why don’t you give the Radler ice a chance or try the cucumber one?

more creative options:

  • Cream caramel
  • Oats (a new alternative for breakfast?)
  • Gin-Tonic
  • Rhubarb-apricot
  • Cookie-Dough
  • Sesame

But it doesn’t need to be extraordinary every time, the classics like strawberry or vanilla are also very delicious.

Lately the “Eis im Glück”is also mobile. With their converted  hearse, they bring their creative, delicious and 100% natural ice cream to the streets for festivals and parties. The perfect ice cream season starts now!

And because nothing happens without coffee, there is tasty coffee made with beans from the Rösttrommel in Nuremberg – Food bloggers in Luck!


Eis in Glück
Bucher Str. 45
90419 Nürnberg


In summer:
We.-Fr. 11.00 am- 10.30 pm
Sa.-Su. 12.00 am – 10.30 pm

How much:

Spagetti Ice:  5,00 €
Scoop Ice cream : 1,20 €
Ice coffee : 4,70 €

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