Thanh – authentic Vietnamese home kitchenThanh – authentic Vietnamese home kitchenThanh – authentic Vietnamese home kitchen

Thanh – authentic Vietnamese home kitchen

Perfect for: Vietnamese Soulfood

The trendy designed logo promises an authentic Vietnamese home kitchen. A stylish new Vietnamese restaurant just around the corner from my place – that’s literately right up my alley. So a few day after its opening, we are on our way to discover it

Ginger, coriander, chilli… The smells which welcomes us, and hint at the promise of really good Asian food. The restaurant itself looks like it was created by the editor in chief of a fancy interior design magazine. You sit on comfy, color-matched rattan furniture. Asian lanterns give enough light for dinner while creating a cozy atmosphere. Stylish grey and turquois shades dominate the subtle aligned décor elements. Modern street art is mixed with Asian accessories – they obviously have good taste here.

You find all the Vietnamese classics like, the beef soup Pho Bo, rice paper rolls or banana blossom salad on the short menu. As well as homemade lemonades and Vietnamese coffee. Everything is crafted from the owner’s (who also runs the Miss Vietnam in the city centre) traditional family recipes. And those recipes are simply divine. Unique compositions of aromatic Asian spices are perfectly balanced. A truly authentic Vietnamese home kitchen which warms you up, makes you feel good and reminds you of your last trip to South-east Asia. Served with a nice smile of the friendly waitress.

After the first visit, we are positive that this place is going to be one of our favourites. We are going to be back the next time we are craving Vietnams soul food in a hip environment.


Thanh Vietnamese Home Kitchen
Kirchenweg 75
90419 Nürnberg


Tu.- So. 11.00 Uhr – 15.00 Uhr
and       17.00 Uhr – 0.00 Uhr

How much:

rice paper rolls: 10,50 €
ricenoodels with beef: 10,50 €
aperol spritz: 5,50 €

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