CôDung Sushi – Mama’s sushiCôDung Sushi – Mama’s sushiCôDung Sushi – Mama’s sushiCôDung Sushi – Mama’s sushi

CôDung Sushi – Mama’s sushi

Perfect for: Sushi & Smoothies

For sure mum’s food is the best food. The same thought had Binh Minh Vu, the owner of the CôDung in the Färberstrasse. Cô is Vietnamese and means “aunt” or “miss” and Dung is the name of his mum. Following the example of his Vietnamese mum, he cooks pan Asiatic cuisine & sushi in the CôDung (pronounced: GoSung).

According to the Motto „Feel Good Food“, he serves healthy food, from fresh ingredients and everything completely without glutamate. The young owner set the focus on healthy and fancifully food. The sushi is not only really creative, but also delicious. Crunchy fried sushi, flambé sushi or rainbow rolls; the choice is wide ranging and varied. The Quality of the fish is really good. We can also recommend the warm curries and the soups, if you not that much into raw fish.

The food is arranged and decorated really stylish and with great attention to detail. The young staff members are really quick and friendly and even the exotic lemonades and smoothies serve themselves with a compliment – really cute. When you book a table free krupuk is already waiting at the table for you. Those little extras m ale the whole sushi experience complete.

Not only because of the quick service, it’s also really recommended for your lunch break or a quick casual dinner. Unfortunately, the interior and atmosphere are more similar to an Asian fast food restaurant than to the flair of a high class sushi place. But at least it’s not as small as it looks at the first sight and they have many more tables on the second floor. Anyhow the lunch menu is a good mix from sushi plates and other pan Asian dishes for an unbeatable price. Vegetarian options included.


CôDung Sushi
Färberstraße 43
90402 Nürnberg


Mo. – Sa. 11.30 am – 11.00 pm
Su. 5.00 pm – 11.00 pm

How much:

mango-cocos smoothie: 5,30 €
Summer rolls: 4,90 €
california roll: 6,50 €

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