Kleine Eis Manufaktur – Sophisticated icy treatsKleine Eis Manufaktur – Sophisticated icy treatsKleine Eis Manufaktur – Sophisticated icy treatsKleine Eis Manufaktur – Sophisticated icy treats

Kleine Eis Manufaktur – Sophisticated icy treats

Perfect for: Sophisticated treats

For those who set the value on quality and don’t mind their treats to be a bit posh and sophisticated, the kleinen Eis Manufaktur is your place to go.

The Manufacture is in Nuremberg’s most beautiful street, the famous Weisbgerbergasse in a cute historian half-timbered house. The modern and purist interior already give you the idea,  you won’t get basic ice cream here.

The flavours are extraordinary and made for the more demanding palates. Crème brûlée with fleur de sel, blackberry with cardamom and maple syrup or “Persisch Kulfi”(saffron, yoghurt, cardamom). The syrup comes from Canada – just like the owner Josee. The nuts from Persia and the really delicious waffles are from France. It’s considered as a massive waist to not order your ice in a waffle here. They are extremely good, thin crispy and caramel-ish. All the ice is freshly made in handwork by the owner and her team. And they try to use as many organic ingredients, as possible. At any time there are also at least two vegan options in the offer.

If you can’t decided what to get, you should go for the ‘Taster”. That’s 5 flavours to try for only 4 euros. The ice is not served scoops but in portions. Just like in Italy, they using a scraper to get the delicious treats out of the glass cabinet. And the coffee with the ice cream is made out of the delicious beans from the Machhörndl-Rösterei in Gostenhof.

Another highlight are the ice cream sandwiches. Strongly recommended!


Die kleine Eismanufaktur
Weißgerbergasse 28
90403 Nürnberg


Mo. – Tu. noon – 6.00 pm
Mi. – Sa. noon – 8.00 pm

How much:

icecream scoop: from 1,20 €
Taster: 4,00 €
lemonade: 2,60 €

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