Boeheim Bierhalle – Ale-house 2.0Boeheim Bierhalle – Ale-house 2.0Boeheim Bierhalle – Ale-house 2.0Boeheim Bierhalle – Ale-house 2.0

Boeheim Bierhalle – Ale-house 2.0

Perfect for:  Franconian beer & delights from the smoker

Everyone in Nuremberg knows the Brunnengasse. The older generation used to go to the Bratwurstherzle, the young guns party in the Pilsbar Millionär and the cool kids go shopping at the Crämer and have coffee in the Machhörndl.

After the Bratwurstherzle closed its doors in 2016, everyone in town knew that something exciting is on the way as Ralph Weiß from the Kuhmuhne decided to fill the empty space with a new concept.

We think the new concept turned out to be a quite perfect Ale-house 2.0. The mix of old and modern makes it special. If you remember the old Bratwurstherzle, you know that it used to be quite dark. But now the atmosphere is really bright, modern and friendly, but it still remained the specific cozy pub flair. They designed many parts of the interior themselves together with the architects of the Zirup office. That gives the place a really cool and urban touch. We love the turquoise bar, which is super beautiful and even seduces the girly girls to try a craft beer:

Even though they serve craft beers in a trendy atmosphere they still respect the Franconian heritage. Really cute is the old obtained parlour from the former “Herzle”. That’s a perfect example how they mixed the old with the new to create a completely new style.

The choice is huge. Craft beers from the tab or bottled, coming from their own brewery Boeheim Brauerei (in Pegnitz) or from other small regional breweries and offer an option for everybody. Lager, Pils, IPA or special – Our favorite is definitely the IPA (India Pale Ale). Light with a fruity taste and hints of lemon, is the ale the perfect after work refreshment. What we didn’t believe, but is true, is that the beer really taste 10 times better when you drink it out of the specific craft beer glasses. We recommend to bring some time and be thirsty to try out many the different beers.

The second reason to go to Boeheim Bierhalle is the Smoker! The Smoker (imported from Nashville, Texas) replaces the grill for good. The smoked meat and vegetables are super tender, juicy and delicious! We strongly recommend the Pulled Pork! The best you can get in town – if not in whole Franconia!

Most of the meat is from the region. The brisket is imported from the States, because a specific breeding is needed for the smoker. But the veggies are from our beautiful Knoblauchsland.

If you really don’t like to try the beers (or can’t try the beers) you will find some cool beverages without alcohol in the menu, as well. The soft drinks have cute names like Schlucki cola from Bamberg or Wurm lemonade from Pappenheim.

Good news for everybody living imnf Fürth: The three guys Ralph Weiss, Claus Weiss and Fabian Faßmann, behind der Boeheim Bierhalle, Boeheim Bar and Boeheim Brewery planning a new project in Fürth for March 2018….we can’t wait!


Boeheim Bierhalle
Brunnengasse 11
90402 Nürnberg


daily from noon

How much:

Beer: 2,90 € – 4,50 €
Pulled Pork: 9,90 €
Rainbow Salad: 7,90 €

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