Shashamane – the Ethiopian- African experienceShashamane – the Ethiopian- African experienceShashamane – the Ethiopian- African experience

Shashamane – the Ethiopian- African experience

Perfect for: When you are not scared to get your hands dirty

The Brandt Platz is set right behind the main station and the Adcome centre. Not a particularly pretty part of Nuremberg. However, a little gem of the exotic cuisine is hidden at the place.

Ethiopian- African restaurant Shashamane is the place to go if you are looking for an extraordinary culinary experience in a laid-back atmosphere.

The inside is styled like a reggae bar: Ethiopian flags, colourful sheets on the wall, reggae music coming from the speaker. This kind of interior may not be our cup of tea, but the service people seem to love it. The Staff is really laid back and in a good mood and this happy vibe is really catchy.

They serve authentic Ethiopian dishes. Which is mainly chicken, lamb or beef in a spicy marinade or cooked in a rich stew.  Some mash made from chickpeas, lentil or beans on the side with traditional Ethiopian cottage cheese. Because we can never decide what to get, we order the mixed platters to share. This one gets in the middle of the table and everyone gets in.

Talking about getting in…you don’t get any cutlery. As usual in Africa, you eat with your hands. With any dish, they serve Inschera, a soft and bit sourly flatbread. Similar to a pancake. You use the Inschera to get the food from the plate into your mouth. If you there for the first time this may not happen without any accidents. We kindly recommend to not wear your with silk shirt on that day.

On the drink side, the African Beer which tastes like mango, banana or passion fruit and is served in a traditional African drinking bowl. Especially for the girls, this fruits beer is a highlight. But for the real guys, there is also “real beer”, served in the bottle.

The food could be a bit spicier and the interior a bit hipper, but if you looking for a laid back funny restaurant experience you should definitely give the Shashamane a try.


Restaurant Shashamane
Willy-Brandt-Platz 4
90402 Nürnberg


Tu. – So. 5.00 pm – midnight

How much:

mango beer: 3,50 €
vegetarian platter for 2: 20,50 €
platter with meat for 2: 24,50 €

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