Brezen Kolbs – more than just a Pretzel for BreakfastBrezen Kolbs – more than just a Pretzel for BreakfastBrezen Kolbs – more than just a Pretzel for BreakfastBrezen Kolbs – more than just a Pretzel for Breakfast

Brezen Kolbs – more than just a Pretzel for Breakfast

3Perfect for: pretzel-breaky with family & Co.

The special thing about Franconia is the very particular way to interpret traditional things a new and modern way. Keep up with the times, without forgetting about well-tired. Because tradition and trend go hand in hand here. Cosmopolitans, attached to their native soil, open-minded and traditional. A great example for this “Francionian Way of Life” is the Brezen Kolb in Nuremberg’s Ostendstraße with pretzel-drive-through for busy drivers.

Everyone in Nuremberg knows that the pretzels from Brenzen Kolb are the best in town. At Kolbs the treats are always fresh and the pretzels are the perfect snack when you in the city. Since 2014 they also run a breakfast and lunch location with drive-through. Even if its not in the city center, it’s the perfect destination for breakfast or lunch.

We believe that Brezen Kolb invented the “pretzel 101”. They offer a massive choice of tasty pretzels in thousand different variations.

Here just some of our favorites:

  • pretzel with or without salt
  • poppy seed pretzel
  • cheese pretzel
  • pepper pretzel (favorit for snacking)
  • sweet pretzel
  • doughnut pretzel
  • ‘Leberwurst’- pretzel (with pickels of course)
  • Gelbwurstbreze
  • O’bazda pretzel
  • humus pretzel
  • nutella pretzel (our favorite)

The prices range between 0,60 € and  2,30 € so you get a really good value for your money.

Obviously you can get more at Brezen Kolb than just Pretzels for breakfast, they serve different breakfast settings with super cute names.  Besides the classics like “Weißwurst-Frühstück” with Weißbier, they have a breakfast with cheese “Käs Heiner”, “Fischers Fritze” with fish and something for the sweettooths “Zuckerschnute”. The pricing is reasonable and most breakies come with fresh orange juice.

The interior is beautiful and Franconian (editor’s note: that doesn’t have to be a conflict). Styled in a funny mix of Mc Donalds and beer pub, you find different furniture and plates, like in your granny’s kitchen cabinet. Everything is colorful and – most important – really cozy and you sit comfy. There is a lot of space and there is a beautiful sun terrace . A lot of space for big groups or the whole family. And when the weather is nice you can sit outside and enjoy the sun.

They prove that the traditional Bavarian pretzels are anything else than boring. For lunch, they serve tasty pretzel variations as pretzel-schnitzel, pretzel-dumplings, pretzel burger or sausage with pretzel fries. Plus, the drive-through is a win for all the buy business women and men. Before or after work, Brezen Kolb is always a good stop for snacks.

Even though it’s not the place for the cool kids to hang out, it’s strongly recommended as location for breakfast, lunch or in-between.

Sleeper hit: They also sell their delicious pretzels “to go” and “to freeze”. Means, you can buy 10 frozen pretzels to bake at home. The perfect treat after a night out – we love this!


Brezen Kolb – Die Backstube
Ostendstraße 138
90482 Nürnberg


Mo.-Fr.     5:30 am – 7:00 pm
Sa.             7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Su.            7:30 am – 6:00 pm

How much:

Cappuccino: 2,30 €
Pretzel: 0,60 € – 2,30 €
Breakfast from: 3,40 €
Pretzelburger from: 5,50 €

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