A slightly different greek experienceA slightly different greek experienceA slightly different greek experienceA slightly different greek experience

A slightly different greek experience

Perfect for:  everybody who loves garlic

Olympusplate and Athenplate are common greek dishes as same as Souvlaki and Gyros. We all know and love them, sometimes.

But if you are on the hunt for something special you are right at Eleon.

The concept is different: You can choose between small dishes and so you can create your meal individual.

Our highlight is the big Mezedes –Plate: authentic, greek and typical for the greek food culture.

It is a big plate with different dips, fesh vegetable, olives, feta cheese and fried stuff. You can share the plate or order it as your main dish.

If you are on the hunt for just Souvlaki and Gros, Eleon is not the right restaurant, but if you are a fishlover you can order e.g.fried calamaris as well.

Greek fans are in best hands here.

The restaurant is not a typical restaurant with a lot of greek decoration, the interior is clean and simple.

The beer garden is worth a visit at summertime.


Kleinweidenmühle 5
90419 Nürnberg


Monday: Closed
Tu.-Sa.  05:00 pm -00:00


little Mezédes variation: 11,60 €
big Mezédes variation: 20,80 €
Kalamari : 9,60 €


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