Hoppy Birthday!Liebesbier celebrates Birthday festival!Hoppy Birthday!Liebesbier celebrates Birthday festival!Hoppy Birthday!Liebesbier celebrates Birthday festival!

Hoppy Birthday!Liebesbier celebrates Birthday festival!

Even if you can’t feel it yet: Spring is on its way! And when it’s spring it’s also time for beer garden again! If you can’t wait any longer to enjoy a nice glass of amber nectar you should make your way to Bayreuth this weekend!

For its second company anniversary, Liebesbier and their brewery friends from Maisel & Friends invite you to Bayreuth for the two day long HOPPY BIRTHDAY FESTIVAL. At the 2nd and 3rd of March, they expect 14 befriended brewers from 4 nations and thousands of visitors.


We already tested the beer of Liebesbier up front for you and were sold on it straight away. Again, a perfect example that you don’t have to travel to Berlin or London to get tasty and creative Craft beer. So hip & so close. The Liebesbier is not only known among beer nerds from home and abroad, also beer rookies fall in love with the craft beers from Bayreuth. The restaurant which won the „Goldenen Bieridee“ in the 2016 serves beer which is brewed right in front of the eyes of its guest. You can try there 120 different beers, 21 of them freshly from the draft. The crew of Liebesbier wants to bring beer closer to modern people and wants to show the diversity and variety of the taste. From traditional beers like Weißbier or lager to hip craft beers or Belgian lambics, there is anything to try in Bayreuth. Featuring beer sommelier seminars, for everyone who wants to go down deep.

The second birthday of the Liebesbier and the „Maisel & Friends Brauwerkstatt“ will take place the first weekend of March and will be celebrated with a beer festival like you never seen before. We do recommend a visit if you interested in trying the creative creations of brewers from Belgium, Denmark, Austria and all over Germany. Among those well-known breweries like Mikkeller (Denmark) or Duvel (Belgium). Besides the beers, they planned a varied program including food pairings, lectures, beer tastings, festival food specials, live music and DJs. Featuring the royal appearance of the Hallertauer hops queen and the Bavarian beer queen! And the best part: There is no entrance fee!

These breweries will fill their glasses in Bayreuth:

Bevog Brewery (Austria)

Buddelship Brauerei (Germany)

Duvel (Belgium)

Frau Gruber Craft Brewing (Germany)

Het Anker (Belgium)

Mikkeller HQ (Denmark)

Maisel and Friends (Germany)

Nittenauer Bier (Germany)

Schoppe Bräu (Germany)

Smash Brewing Project (Germany)

Sudden Death Brewing (Germany)


VETO – Brauspezialitäten (Germany)

Zombräu (Germany)

Find more information about the beer and the festival here:

www.liebesbier.de or www.maiselandfriends.com


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