Xinh Sushi – Sushi-Pizza DeluxeXinh Sushi – Sushi-Pizza DeluxeXinh Sushi – Sushi-Pizza DeluxeXinh Sushi – Sushi-Pizza DeluxeXinh Sushi – Sushi-Pizza Deluxe

Xinh Sushi – Sushi-Pizza Deluxe

Perfect for: Fans of crossover-kitchen & sushi

Sushi or Pizza – The classic question of every Sunday night. If you don’t feel like choosing between the two, we have just the right place for you: The popular food delivery service Xinh Sushi opened a restaurant in the Bogenstraße 43 in Nuremberg last year. Elemental and simple furnished, but harmonic and aesthetic the restaurant offers a great environment to enjoy your sushi delight.

The owner Trung Le established a booming food delivery service. The demand was so high that he decided to take the plunge and open his first restaurant. For everybody who wants to enjoy sushi in a quiet and cozy atmosphere. His cousin came from Berlin to support him as a friendly waiter. And not only that, he also brings all the new food trends from the streets of Berlin with him. It was him who had the Idea for sushi-pizza.

The sushi pizza was definitely the highlight of our visit. We admit it may seem a bit odd at first sight. But the taste got us instantly: Crunchy, juicy, with the typical Sushi flavor and special twist. Perfect for everyone who is seeking something new. We tried the Sake version with salmon and the vegan version with avocados. And both were delicious. Positive Side Effekte: sushi pizza is far easier to eat when you are not that good at eating with sticks 😉 In addition to the sushi pizza we had Gyoza, Edamame, Inside-Out and Crispy Rolls. Everything was super tasty.

Tasty choices of green tea complete the sushi experience. In case it was a long day in the office, they also have amazing Lugana. The Italian wine goes well with the cross-over-kitchen sushi pizza


Xinh Sushi Restaurant
Bogenstraße 43
90459 Nürnberg


Mo          closed
Di.-Fr.    10:30 am -2:30 pm
and         06:00-11:00 pm
Sa & So. 5:00-11.00 pm

How much:

Gyoza: 3,50 €
Crunchy Rolls: 8,00 €
Lugana: 5,00 €

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