About us

Sabrina & Nadine

Behind Franken Flavours are the friends Sabrina & Nadine, which know each other from high school in the Franconian suburbs.

We eat cakes and drink coffee and try out all the latest and well-known coffees, hipsterplaces and pubs for you.

Our Motto:

Life is too short for bad drinks, meals and unfriendly staff!

Einen Guten Appetit + Prost Mahlzeit!

Franken Flavours is dedicated to try out all cafés, chip shops, restaurants and other exciting locations to help you through Franconian restaurant jungle without any sponsors.

About the bloggers:

Servus! Hello! Bonjour! Selamat datang! Hoi!

This is who we are. We are Sabrina and Nadine from Nuremberg.

Nadine lived in London, France and Amsterdam. Now she is back in town.

During her time as an expat in London and Amsterdam, Nadine discovered city blogs, helping her to discover her new “homes”. After a short period some of those were her daily companions on the search for the best flat whites, spiciest curries and most delicious pulled pork sandwiches in town.

Sabrina is also from Nuremberg but studied 7 months in Bali. Now she lives back in her Franconian home.

Bali has become a passion for her. When she travels to Indonesia she is always on the hunt for new food inspirations. When she is not traveling she trys exotic new recipe at her kitchen.

The Idea of the Blog:

When Nadine started to miss friends, family and “3 im Weckla” it was about time for her to come back. So she packed her bags and made her way back to her Franconian hometown.

Once back in the beautiful city with the castle, her home seemed quite foreign to her. Where do I get the best bacon burgers, hummus or green smoothies? In the meantime, Sabrina had developed into a real Nuremberger.

No worries, Nuremberg has as much to offer as Berlin, London or Amsterdam… come with me and I’ll show you around…

Now the two of them are on their way searching the finest flavors of Franconia. …and you are welcome to join them. What are your most fabulous places in Franconia? Show them with the hashtag #fabfranken


Likes: Coffee, bloody marys, hummus & gin tonic, big city life & tomatoes


Likes: Tea, Margaritas, white wine, steaks, Bali & lemons

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